Night Walking...

Night Walking...

Hood up
Cans on;
Music is driving,
Showing me the way.

Roads are dark,
Half-lit by cabs
Lamp posts’ sodium haze
Phone-glow passes by.

I tread lightly for a big man
Toe to heel is my aim
But flat striking
That’s the limit of my game.

Beats rise and fall
Head clear
One foot then the other
Don’t answer the shadow’s call.

Passing cars put up a spray
The splashes catching fire
Falling flickering crystals
In the trickster night’s play.

The City is at rest,
Day’s light no longer
Pressed to the glass
Quiet hubbub; state or test?

Deep in my flow
I sweep through the streets
My cares pushed aside
Well I tell myself so.

As I swim through the darkness,

Photo by Touann Gatouillat Vergos on Unsplash